BADU 47 Encapsulated Boots Pump

The BADU 47 pumps is the boost pumps for complete filter unit jacuzzi and spa. Flow rate is from 6 to 25 m3/hr at 7 meter head. Monoblock-type pump designed with bellow type mechanical seal mounted on a plastic shaft protector sleeve. Motor/pump shaft has no contact with the pool water! Complete electrical separation.

  • Heat: The sealing compound transfer the heat from the end winding (the source of the heat) to the motor housing, as it conducts heat significantly better than air. The temperature of end wiring lower approximate 20K compare to un-encapsulated motor.
  • Dampness: the sealing compound protects the winding against dampness. As well as the IP class, the resistance of the winding against condensation water is especially improved. Of course the same goes for excessive dampness in the surrounding area.
  • Vibrancy: the vibration resistance of the winding is also increased by the sealing compound.

Pump Casing PP TV 40
Gland Housing PP GF 15
Impeller (BADU47/5, BADU47/10, 47/16) PA 66 GF 30/PC
Impeller (BADU47/22) PA 66 GF 30
Union Glue Socket ABS ABS
Mechanical Seal carbon/ceramic/NBR
Bolts brass/stainless steel


Model Technical Data

Model BADU 47/16 BADU 47/22
Inlet / Outlet 1 1/2” / 2” 1 1/2” / 2”
Rec. Pipe 2“ 2“
2.5 Bar 2.5 Bar
Motor Class B Class F
Voltage (V) 1~230V 1~230V
Current (A) 4.7 5.3
Power input P1(kW) 0.97 1.2
Power output P2(kW) 0.65 0.8
Weight (kg) 8.1 10.4
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