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Purity your swimming pool


Computerized pool water lab

A more advanced water testing method than the regular practice, where our laboratory specialists will analyze as many as 11 variables of the water chemical balance and evaluate whether your swimming pool is in the ideal condition to a swim in or not. Then we will make our recommends and show you step by step on how to care for your pool water, adjust your water conditions and solve any problems that may occur effectively.

Advance water treatment based on use of Australian product

+ Sanitizer & Balancer
+ Calcium & pH Buffer
+ Crystal Clear Clarifier & Pool Solutions
+ Pool Protection

Pool Care & Cleaning

Our Pool Pro&Lab technicians will provide a range of essential maintenance services uniquely tailored to you pool. From a full vacuum to water balancing and equipment checks, we will ensure your pool remains in tip top condition

Pool maintenance, Equipment and repair service

Regular or casual pool servicing Let us take care of your pool year-round, by highly-trained and experienced technicians deliver quality, convenient pool maintenance and pool services to your door.

+ Filter Repair
+ Change Filter Media
+ Salt Chlorinator Repair
+ Chang Robot parts
+ Pool Pumps Repair
+ Under Water Light Repair
+ General Equipment Repair

Water Problem Eliminator

+ Clear Algae water
+ Clear Cloudy water
+ Pool Flocking
+ Stains Remover
+ Eliminate over chlorine levels
+ Water Discolorations
+ Filter Cleaning

Pool Care Package

Premium Package


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