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The first computerized water analysis laboratory in ASEAN

Because you never know what lies beneath the sparkling blue water in your swimming pool…

Is your pool water

Health Enough to swim?

Did you know? When you take a swim in your pool this may cause a risk for health issue such as Damaged hair, Skin problems, Tooth decay, Respiratory infection and Pink eye. Because of your pool water may not good enough quality.

Pool Water Check Up

Because your pools needs delicate care Pool Water Check Up program checking 11 parameter of the water chemical balance and evaluate whether your swimming pool is in the ideal condition to a swim in or not by computerized water analysis Lab The first laboratory in ASEAN

Easy way to get the water test

1. Bring the water sample to test at Pool Pro&Lab and get the results and recommendations instantly.

2. Our team experts go to collect the water sample to the lab and provide the results and Recommendations within 7 days.

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