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Pool Water Testing Lab and Supplies

1st Pool Service Franchise in ASIA

Thailand has the highest rate of pool ownership in Asia and industry continues to grow. Our business is both challenging and rewarding, providing you with the potential business opportunity, where you can find freedom with highly profitable.

A Complete Support Structure

Such, complete showroom design template, operation & marketing support, brand & trademark name and both commercial & retail solution.

Pool equipment Store – The Water testing Lab & Treatments

We have set up own pool retail & wholesale store and water laboratory which is fully equipped with high-technology devices for water testing. Also our water treatment recommendations are based on use of the Australian imported water care products.

Company Profile & Business Information

J.D. Pools has been in swimming pool business for 20 years during which we have built more than 14,000 pools in Thailand. We are the first company in Thailand to export swimming pools, and now we export a wide variety of products to more than 20 countries. Now, we have 20 showrooms around the country.

Now, a lot more construction projects include swimming pools, which mean post construction maintenance service will be required. Therefore, we provide maintenance service to ensure that all swimming pools will remain in healthy and good working conditions. We have many service centers and teams of experts in pool construction, installation and maintenance that are fully equipped to offer all types of services to our customers.

Shop and Products

The increasing number of swimming pool around the country creates higher demand for pool accessories and maintenance service. To satisfy such demand, we have set up our own laboratory which is fully equipped with high-technology devices for water testing. We collect samples of water and test them with SmartScan kits to determine the quality of water. The results can be printed out to show you the kind of treatments that are necessary to balance your pool water – what products to use and in which quantity.

We provide training in pool chemistry and calculations for customers, pool operators and construction contractors to help them maintain pool water at optimal standards. Simple steps are taught to educate trainees on some of the typical pool problems such as high/low pH, cloudy water, algae growth, inadequate filtration and more. A properly balanced pool water should not cause skin irritation, dryness of hair, sore eyes or any other health issues. We supply all types of pool decorative items, accessories and other swimming related products such as anti slip mats, artificial wood decks, furniture items, barbecue sets, water pumps, cleaning and maintenance tools, swimming suits, goggles, etc.

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