SChlor-Salt Water Chlorinator

High performance salt chlorinators with Smart chlorinator program and Inbuilt timer for pump control Replaceable to Hayward Aquarite

  • The same three year warranty, the same US MADE cell plate material
  • No pipe line work needed
  • Water flow detector
  • Long life time cell up to 25000 hours
  • Digital display, membrane panel
  • Accurate salinity level reading
  • Adjustable chlorine output
  • Super chlorination mode
  • High & low salt indicators & protection
  • Cell failed indicator
  • Automatic self-cleaning to protect the cell form scale
  • Timers control for filtration pump
  • Easy setting design
  • Workable for hot weather area
  • Warranty 2 Years


Model Technical Data

Model No. BLAT-C25K/40K
Chlorine Output 30/40/ grams/hour
Salt Level 3000-4000 PPM
Cell Self Cleaning Reverse polarity
Salt Chlorinator Style Suitable for In Ground Pool
Unit Gross Weight Round 10kgs
Unit Size 35*22*14 cm
Voltage 110V/220V